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Oil Monkees uses all natural ingredients because that's what's good for people. Our society has introduced so many cheap chemicals into the products that we use in our daily lives, and the health problems they cause are becoming obvious. Our goal is to provide people with more natural, affordable, options. We use very few preservatives in our products, but we do have to use them occasionally. There are products that would not be safe for you to use long-term if we didn't (no thanks, moldy sugar scrubs). Even with ingredients like preservatives, we choose the safest and most natural options available, so you don't have to worry about what's going on your skin. We are continuously coming up with new products to help people - so if you have suggestions, just email us! We would love to help you find the perfect solution to your needs.

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Mary Wayman:

"Seriously the best candles I have ever bought and they don't leave me with a headache.... I don't even have to light them and my whole house smells fantastic....."

Steve Christopher:

"We had such a great time at their candle making event."

Adrianna Carreno:

"I love the Oil Monkees setting spray, it helps keep my makeup fresh looking, and stays in place all day. Plus it helps that it smells awesome, and there is no nasty chemicals in it. 😊"

Taylor Cabe:

"I bought the Lemongrass scented bug spray and I love it!! I seriously am a mosquito magnet and walk outside for 2 seconds and end up with 10 bug bites! But I hate the smell and sticky feeling of normal bug spray so when I tried Oil Monkees I was delighted that it works great, smells awesome and I don’t feel sticky when I use it! I definitely recommend this to people and will have to get some more when I run out!! My husband also bought Oil Monkees beard oil and has really liked it as well! Great moisture for his beard without drying out his face!!"

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