All natural ingredients so you can feel secure and safe in your home without the worry of harmful chemicals.

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A natural way to kill those pesky bugs. Our peppermint lemon spray kills on contact. It kills anything with an exoskeleton: ants, flies, spiders, beetles, or whatever critter has decided to invade your home. Our ant and roach killer powders are specifically formulated to attract ants or roaches. These powders DO NOT kill on contact. They are designed to attract ants or roaches which then eat the powder and take it back to the colony where they become unwitting assassins for their entire colony.

 Lavender Citrus

Cleaning the toilet is nobody's favorite chore, so why not let our toilet bombs do the work for you? Toss one of these drops in the bowl or tank and let sit overnight. It does the cleaning while you sleep! That's almost better than having a maid... 

Our foaming hand soap is made from castile soap and fragrance, so it's nice and gentle on your skin. They come in so many fragrances that smell oh, so good! The foam is so nice. We've been told that some people even use it as shaving cream. 10 oz bottles.
Do you have pets who, inevitably, shed dander or have accidents on your carpet? Our Monkee Fresh carpet deodorizer is here to help. Simply sprinkle it over the desired area and vacuum it up after a short time. It will keep even the hairiest problems at bay. 
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