Going Green

At Oil Monkees, in addition to producing natural, healthy products, we also strive to  be environmentally conscious. That's why we've changed the containers for our bath salts, sugar scrubs and some of our candles.


After you've used all of your bath salt or sugar scrub, reuse the tins. There are so many uses you can reuse them for, no need to throw away! Some of our ideas are cotton swabs, cotton balls, hold trinkets and keepsakes, loose change, hair pony tails, you can even use them for succulents.

Our glass candle jars make perfect flower vases, drinking glasses, re-usable straw holder,  make-up brush holder, anything you can think of.


We love the idea of re using our containers for something sustainable. We would also love to hear from our costumers about how they are repurposing their used up product jars. Please tag us on any Instagram posts, Facebook posts, or even email us at OilMonkees@gmail.com so we can feature you on our socials.

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